a week of questions – Two

02/14/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

Well, this is awfully late to post here in couch surfing, and some of it’s all-day don’t no what to say, some is plain old forgetting – why, shut your mouth, insolent child, forget the Blog? Lordy – and some is a nearly two-hour visit here with the barista next door named Daniel (formally and still right through noon). It’s pretty rare there’s nothing arriving in this golden oldie brain of mine, maybe it’s a day for coffee and high winds, unexpected visits, speaking Spanish and not so good English, and all kinds of mixed-up, shook-up scrambled thoughts and brainy instigations. Or, none of this is right.

Anyway, the Moddy Blues sang a song about a Tuesday Afternoon. My son just called from Missouri. My pal texted from an Oakland courthouse. My sweetie valentine checked in from higher ground. And I’m here, my room’s a little like junior high detention today, or like the Breakfast Club, someone walked by with a “Save Ferris” poster.

How do you explain stuff like this to a three-year old.