A Week of Stories

08/22/2019 0 By BuddyCushman

I spent the last week with my wife Susan in San Diego – specifically two days with her parents out in the County, and five glorious days in San Diego’s Ocean Beach. Our first morning, at Ann and Bill’s, awake before all others, I performed my usual morning routines and rituals which end with writing three notebook pages – the Morning Pages. I’ve been doing it every morning since June of 2011, and there’s no reason whatever to take a break while on vacation. But immediately upon beginning the Thursday August 15th edition I realized I was writing in a story format, not the usual one random thought after another. So I went with it, I wrote that trio of pages in the form of a once-upon-a-time story. And somewhere, among those pages, I had the thought to write a story every morning while far away, a literary twist on my usual routine.

What follows, therefore, coming the next seven days, will be a story a day, dated and geographically placed, with hopefully relevant and interesting art. These will be quick reads, less than 500 words. And perhaps with a different flavor from my typical Blog posts here at Couch Surfing at 70, these stories created away from the keyboard, written in a cheap notebook with a cheap, medium-ink pen. Couch Surfing’s cousin.

I hope they will inspire thoughts back to me from you.