And I got….

07/06/2021 0 By BuddyCushman


I got interviewed. I got fingerprinted. I got stuck in traffic on the 5 (again). I got a sweet drive on the Ted Williams Freeway. I got to think about Ted.

I got ten thousand grand hummingbirds and butterflies and morning doves. I got a cranky up-and-down morning walk (yuck) and a special, lovely beach-side one (yay).

I got my marching orders for a part-time Chance the Gardener house gig to help defray the real high cost of living – defraying just a smidge – and a job confirmation and a first assigned shift.

I got a ticking clock – license and reg, license and reg, license and reg – and perhaps a competent mechanic shop for every oil change the Camry wants. I got almost a full tank of gas, after $200 plus for gas the last four days.

I got a flock of Moonlight Beach pigeons, they swirl around and swing around and there’s something Jurassic about it, and so cool when they pass inches above my barely-haired head. Oh, I got pelicans, a thrill for me. Bunches of gliding pelicans.

I got a sore back and a nearly-empty stomach and nowhere near enough Trader Joe’s almond butter.

And like the ‘Hair’ song says – I got my ass. It’s kind of funky. But I got it.

And I got something like six more hours – today – in which to count my blessings.

Oh – I got inspired to ask friends to write me letters too.

Fingers crossed.