Being here now

07/20/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Let me speak quickly to you today, internet chicanery is afoot, you’ll find me now out on the patio, in search of the at times diminished at times entirely gone signal from whatever service the homeowner/landlady buys, I’m in the sun and it’s quite lovely, the ambiance of this Southern California late afternoon, me with a still damp bathing suit, up from the wavy shallows of the Pacific where I instilled myself a while ago…….

after the Camry passed the required California Smog test, making tomorrow’s trip to the DMV that more optimistic. After two telephone job interviews, in back-to-back succession, first with a Supervisor, next with the CEO, some self-help outfit down in San Diego I mentioned yesterday, me with the goofy and lazy reply to their post seeking help and here comes three emails last night and two phone discussions, kind of interviews today and it may look good for the kid, maybe the chance to serve somebody with kind-hearted deeds remains, maybe the money in cozies back toward the money out. After an early Oakland zoom out here cause there was no electrics working in there, yup, after the internet stopped entirely on my desktop, a flat-out deal-breaker and I was once again in the got to move mode and then I was involved in two cool interviews and then the Camry passed with flying colors and then I was bobbing in the Pacific – like Brian Wilson sang, like a cork on the ocean.

And I’m back here and there ain’t no internet in my most expensive room, where I figured I ought to be given a free computer, what with that cost, and it’s okay sitting out here even if my old back is bended unfortunately funny, and in a sec I’ll hit “Publish” and see if it does, after typos are repaired, and the attitude toward my logging-in problem from housemates is blazay (cool spelling) at best and I honestly don’t know what I’m gonna do, but it’s so interesting I’m way down here – under the sun, cool in the ocean – trying to understand what’s the next right thing.