dangling along

10/18/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

My new book of poetry – “my startled heart” – arrived Saturday. It’s already available on Amazon, though ones directly from me will be signed and with a special, cool bonus. It’s very exciting. I’m excited. Here’s a piece of the poem “dangling” from the book:

It was just three weeks ago 

I remembered. 

I remembered how it was 

to jump out of bed 

with my morning eyes 

wide, big, hungry, 

all the way open. 

With my tail-wagging dog. 

With the petals of a pale white flower 

for a summer hat. 

Living completely 

in a string-bean day. 

I was dangling,


Just dangling. And

Somehow I forgot.

I forgot I was 

just dangling.