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08/13/2021 1 By BuddyCushman

I had a post mostly written, about half an hour ago, and the internet stopped its web thing and when it came back on a minute later the computer crashed – not even a cursor. Then I turned the computer off and on by hand and the internet came back and now is mostly gone again and the fact is the post I’d written was not very good. So I thought I’d list the songs I played via YouTube on my phone sitting on a rock bench at the end of a long, high-on-a-ridge Friday afternoon walk. The musical choices will do a better job explaining my internal ‘weather’ today than writer/blogger me.

In order:

“Time Will Tell” – Tower of Power

“Friday I’m in Love” – The Cure

“Destination Unknown” – Missing Persons

“Good Timing” – The Beach Boys

“I’m Gonna Be Strong” – Gene Pitney

“Psychotic Reaction” – The Count Five

and then I headed back here. By the way, I was singing Jan and Dean’s “New Girl in School” along the way.