I don’t need an audience

03/02/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

but I’d like one.

Call it sharing. Oh, mischievous cat – I have been you all along. All through hoping I could be. All through thinking I’d never be. Not really. Not entirely. Not all-in with mischief. It’s funny now, this morning, to think anything other than the truth. I’ve been you all along. Just a little trickster.

I feel a building of understanding. A wave of getting to know all about me. In three/quarter time. My mind is filled with magic. Not an “I wish I was an alchemist” yearning. Seeing, understanding – this morning – it’s who I was born to be. In Capricorn.

Gavin says my “spirit animal” is a pelican. I’ll take that. For a long time I thought hawk. Before leaving for California I thought owl. One’s too brave. One’s too sleepy. Pelican feels right.

And now I’ve made it to another Wednesday. Still here. In which to work my magic.