Kitty’s back….

06/25/2021 1 By BuddyCushman

Today’s Friday and between you and me, this time exactly one week from now – it’s 3:41 pm Friday June 25 – I’ll be in some state of mesmerizement, gunning it south on the 5, having left the greater Portland metro one last time , driving since daylight and hopefully driving another hour or two to glide past the halfway point between here where I am right now and that place where my heart and soul and pretty darn sure the Great Spirit wants me to be — in the greater San Diego metro area.

My phone says it’s 91 outside now, which maybe a lowball figure, and the next three day’s forecasts are for, daily Saturday through Monday, 107, 114, 112. That’ll be hotter than I’ve ever been and I’ve hunkered down here in Kate’s house in Kate’s spare room, having fled the glassed-in Bunsen burner patio, continuing to do what has inspired me as necessary and the next right thing, and so far today I’ve done all the usual morning stuff including a way-early-before-the-building-heat walk and zoomed folks in a North San Diego beach town, and more recently here in the spare room where I’ve so gratefully laid my head the last three weeks I have gotten myself recertified in CPR and First Aid and only a few moments ago enrolled in the Kaiser network for Southern California – whose monthly “senior advantage” payments are less than Oregon’s. Go figure.

The CPR re-cert was a must for a part-time job which may be waiting and the insurance is its own must for us older cats, and I guess sitting here with the laptop on the bed and me in a chair leaning forward and the low back muscles having a good laugh, the point of where my thoughts and index fingers have taken me (and you) since I sat down with not a thought in my head is that I’ve been blessed again today – almost countlessly – and again, like almost every day these last two months with the amazingly righteous help and encouragements from so many, I’ve hauled myself up, suited up and showed up, and gone on to the “Now whats?” of the day. And got shit done.

Lately song titles have figured in Blog post titles and I hope you know the one above, just a wonderful rock and roll song from Bruce Springsteen’s second album, my favorite, “The Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle.” Here’s one of the lines from “Kitty” – ” — “And them tin cans are exploding out in the ninety-degree heat.”

Heat’s been on my mind, cannot avoid it, and music. Following my bliss and learning all over again how to let people help me in such generous ways. Way more connectedness with a power greater than myself too – let’s call her Kitty today – and following the path opening in front of me.

Fridays, I guess, rambling along, and next week’s ought to be pretty different.

Details Monday.