like Shrek

04/13/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

I woke up different this morning.

No, it’s the same essence of me who went fishing for bluegills behind the Tremont Nail Factory in Wareham with Donnie Sisson, say 1961. But the phenomenal me, the one changing moment to moment, that me exists differently. I awoke formally retired, for the second time, the first back in May of 2011. Man, are the settings and scenes and milieus of this life so different, so incredibly different, beyond any powers of imagination I might possess.

My key ring is lighter today, there’s a change, having handed to Kristen my key to the apartment she and her husband James share. I don’t need it anymore. Goodbye, San Marcos.

I woke up mostly clueless this Wednesday morning, here this second full week of April in 2022. There’s a today to do list with both very important and run-of-the-mill stuff scribbled on it. Some degree of grounding. But, in terms of moving forward in this ‘big picture’ life which I’m still living – ever-changing, always the same? Well, Allen Ginsberg has a term “Surprise Mind.” That’s a place I feel comfortable. Real comfortable.

Really really.