pier dreams

12/26/2022 2 By BuddyCushman

I hope these holidays – the ones which count most for you – have been friendly and loving. The song says “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Hoping that’s how it feels.

My Christmas day yesterday was the most wonderful time for me. Very special, friendly and loving. Some of the Christmas hours – San Diego blessed with a weather day most of the rest of the country wasn’t having – were spent walking two famous west coast piers with my friend and loving sweetie Ann. In the morning we walked out to the end of the Ocean Beach pier, a long-time special place for me, and perhaps more sacred for Ann. Early afternoon Ann took me on a mystery ride of sorts, over the Coronado Bridge, out the distance of the Silver Strand roadway between Coronado Island and Imperial Beach, at last parking and walking out on the IB pier – it turns out a first for both of us. Way, way south in these United States, and from the end of the pier I had my first look at Mexico, and Tijuana. You can see it too, in the photo I snapped from out there.

We had lots of long-distance family time, including video calls with both my sons, and ate fun things like avocados and yogurt and cheese and peanut butter pretzels. Gave and received presents, walked a lot in the sunshine – laughed a lot. I’m so lucky.