Quite a Long Poem

06/12/2020 2 By BuddyCushman

Cop me a ride all the way to Cassandra’s,

the poets are snorting up rhymes on verandas

you might have replied though the take was Philandra’s

I forgot on the way to go grab Colonel Sanders….

Well the hydrant was loaded with fairy dust makings

and teachers once said life was there for the takings,

but I moved back to Salem where the witches got stakings

by elected officials, you could see their brains flaking….

And a deer in the meadow once told me to kiss off

while the protesters down on the mall had to piss off

but not me, I was wiping nearly all of the mist off

the front windshield, though it’s tough shit for me….

The battery dies to secure the commitment

to replace all my bones when they empty the shipment

and you wonder why Christ logged another hip dripment

on the surgical table where hemispheres died….

Oh the rabbits have gathered I believe at Convention

though I cannot attest while I’m causing invention

of a new tool you use with its evil intention

one the frogs in the pond did not happen to mention….

That the cops came one night for to practice their knowledge

which was after the lot was kicked out of the college

and I’d much rather lace with narcotics their porridge

so’d they have an excuse to go act like baboons….

Man, the sports scene is lacking, they ain’t been on the TV

and Carole came over and she wondered if I’d see

through binoculars when I was parked on the levee

and I laughed and swallowed a whole fist of mushrooms….

But my mother came calling from another dimension

and she asked why I pooped on the stairs on the way in

So I laughed and discovered any lie is a good one

when the sun’s going down and the stew’s boiling over….

And speaking of stew I had sex in the clover

with a girl named Clarissa who barely was older

than Jane Austin who hid in the nest ground of plovers

and spun her wild tales in iambic discussion….

I went down to an auction one day near the river

where its better in summer so’s you don’t have to shiver

and three cats I know brought an electrical quiver

though they loaded their trunk with a chamomile blanket….

At the dentist the fascists were having their teeth cleaned

and discussing the wall that they pictured was obscene

and not better for holding a pool than a door screen

yet my sisters were organized and armed with some feathers….

Oh we once let a rocket ship fly us to Venus

where the locals said hi by flinging their penis

which you have to believe I sure wish they had seen us

when we floated much higher with our gymnastic tricks….

Sometime back three years or perhaps it was decades

since my brain has decided to hide below house shades

which DeSantis now brags he’ll be saving the E’glades

but that state is a state of a statement or two….

That once in a while I revert to the fifties

where the Beats were my friends and a circus of trained fleas

once approached from the SoHo I could smell in the fresh breeze

but Rudi’s the one who created that gloom….

If I could if I would if I should I might lend you

my keyboard though how could I write what I’d send you

as my words are inclined and enthused to help mend you

with their glory and butane and camping equipment….

I was waiting in line at the corner store drop box

and cumming my pants with the sweet smell of fresh lox

from the deli I owned but have moved 17 blocks

while the board of assessors went and mailed me their praise….

You can dream all you want of that sweetest of girlfriends

who once ran around and plopped down on their rear ends

when you parted as lovers and agreed not to be friends

as the Christmas tree came crashing sadly….

Oh the kids they’ll be waking and be singing their tidings

while the wise men get shot when just out for their ridings

as they happen to be the wrong color, no hidings

and the boys in the blue once again give it all….

But that’s for the movie of my long ago boyhood

and even back then you could tell things were no good

when you traded your wonder for the draft board or priesthood

and ran through the streets without joy….

Oh the peacocks come singing at the ungodly hour

when the neighbors are crashing and the wife’s in the shower

and see, once again I am snorting a flower

which you heard it here first, I am calling nose power….

I’m starting a club, just a few will be membered

and unless they sign up they will not be remembered

it might happen in May but more likely November’d

and that means we’ll have time for the Kwanza affair….

All these schedules and campfires and harlequin photos

make me thrill to the idea of hanging with bozos

and I wonder who might run out for more Nodoze

cause who wants to miss all this holiday fun….

Never mind Carl’s returned with the car that Dad borrowed

and we’re glad he’s okay as we would have been sorrowed

to once give a rat’s butt of yesterday’s caring, but

the hell, you know me, I’m a crown prince of sharing.