some kind of wonderful

07/25/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

I’m kind of stunned sitting here at the keyboard this morning. It’s very early, telling you the big hand and the little hand might be scary. There’s another’s alarm now, this way cool sharesy-thing, and not bothering the traffic, so rising and shining. And a grandfather would gong out five times – right here now – and there’s been sittings and coffees and Koans – double-shots of all of them (and “My baby’s love), and my Morning Pages which arrived in a rather lateral fashion today. Like one of the Koans – Beyond the words, pointing to the meaning.

Yesterday a skunk walked by in the dark. Yesterday, after 4pm, I washed my car and filled its tank and walked on the pier and then went and sort-of meditated with meditators and visiting students, and found an entirely new way home from the ocean to this entirely new living here on the Hillcrest side of the street. And this Tuesday morning I can’t find a charger and have decided to wear shorts at a most interesting place of employment and try to ditch, environmentally, a ton of cardboard still in my truck from the move. Which may be some kind of theater.

All of it. All of this. Some kind of theater.