sun devils and angels

05/11/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

A dog tried to dine on me on this morning’s walk, charging from behind a fence, snarling, and I yipped and danced away. The owner of that dog was there behind the barred fence as well and said “Sorry” in a half-hearted way, which sounded to me like, “What do you expect for being alive?” And not eight seconds later I was laughing at that kick-started emotion and jumped-up number of heart beats, and a few more steps up the hill on G Street I did what I set out to do and sat on the top step of the front steps of Our Lady of Angels Church just there into Sherman Heights, the 94 freeway loud down the bank across G – the church actually on 24th.

And I called my friend Bob in Massachusetts, got a machine and left a message, and stood up and bowed to a place I sit four or five times every week – the top step of the front steps – which is not me trying to become a Catholic, nah, it’s simply a special place I’ve claimed over these many San Diego months. Early on my walk and again back up from the church steps and back over the freeway on another overpass and down 25th towards B St and my room, all those walking times I looked up at the sky which was this beautiful mellow blue, and populated with stray wispy white clouds here and there, and I was happy my eyes and knees and legs still work pretty well, and I can and do remain exactly at one with The Beach Boys “I Get Around”.

When I got back to my room I hooked up my housemate’s dog Maddie for a walk, the housemate off to a younger sibling graduation at ASU. And I put all the collar stuff on Maddie and out we went into the day, again for me, first for her, and the sky was blue with white clouds and Maddie did dog things which happen on dog walks, and she ran up to three different women in front of Starbucks, tail motoring with joy, and I thought to myself, yin and yang of dogs. And we arrived back to the second-floor place of ‘home’ and I gave her more water and breakfast, even a fun dog treat. I watered in the sink succulents from out on the small patio, and then came into my room to write some stuff – including this.