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My Last Post

I truly thought my last post – ‘Taking Help Part Three’ – would inspire and generate lots and lots of comments. It feels important, like I got to channel some big stuff. Have you read it? Do you have thoughts about its ideas?

By BuddyCushman 10/15/2018 3

Your Stories

As promised, these are comments in the form of dislodged memories and other thoughts and thinking from subscribers in reaction to the “Flying down Durant with Doug” post. And as always, I bow to your commitment. And heart.   “Jim Morrison was always my muse, light my fire playing on my families’s car radio at…

By BuddyCushman 09/19/2018 2

Addendum of Sorts

9/16/18 Verbatim ‘Morning Pages’   I have a distinct sense, which feels to be clearing with time, that the “Couch” Blog is in fact something special – special for me as an opportunity to move closer to focus and devotion and intention, loyalty even, than what I have usually wrung from myself in the past.…

By BuddyCushman 09/17/2018 1