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When Listening is Enough (a 30:30 report)

And now, live from the outskirts of Oklahoma City, here comes the Benny Bragg Comedy Hour. Or some such thing, the kind of time-waster most people in the States would be happily satisfied with. Most. Becky Franzine, thank goodness, doesn’t even want to live here cause she’s always dreamed that Portugal or Greece would be…

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Shower the People You Love

I am about to ask you to become a Patron of mine. A someone who supports my devotion to and efforts at creativity – in my particular case as a writer and an artist. And as an artist working in both oils and acrylic, drawing with pencil and charcoal. Working at keyboards and coffee shop…

By BuddyCushman 04/17/2019 5

Couch Surfing at 70

To google ‘couch surfing’ results in this on-line dictionary definition — “Stay temporarily in a series of other people’s homes, typically making use of improvised sleeping arrangements.” Every morning finds me up at 5:30, ‘sitting’ in meditation from between eight and 20 minutes in a straight-back chair in the living room. Often I’m thinking about…

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