they say it’s

01/19/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

Oh, those Beatles. So good. Life-changing opportunists. Like channeling the changes. Of course, for me, Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys too, even a smidge further down that close-to-my-heart-and-soul road. Keep an eye on summer, kid, how could that ever be anything but magic.

Today, I’m flying out of San Diego to Boise, Idaho, see Spenser and his new folks (Aaron and Kalae long-time givers of happiness and joy to him), and it’s all an adventure, kid, I remind myself, even with the 5:30am text from Alaska Air my flight’s delayed two hours, so, um, you’ll arrive in San Jose for the change, well, er, after your flight to Boise has left. And here I am, older at least on paper, happy to share with you that I didn’t freak out, I didn’t fall into a tizzy of why me and all that foolishness. I just wondered, “Now what?”. So I called Alaska Air and they said sorry and hooked me up with a non-stop instead, which is very cool, leaving much later, means me a wanderer many hours in and through the San Diego airport (via the ride I’ve got there). Which I do have a lot of emotional attachment to and experience in, the San Diego airport, all of it previously with my wife (then) Susan, and now it’ll be me and my bountiful time to maybe stroll along with a few ghosts and practice gratitude. I don’t feel sorry for myself, heck, I’m still here – up above the ground – which is truly an amazement, and the best of me is being grateful and oozing out the gratitude, which feels like my part in helping save the planet. And when I check in on myself as to how I’m doing with all that, I think of the line from “Jaws Two” – “We’re trying for it, kid.”

So here I am this January morning, some 73 years down the road, still making my appearance, reminding myself of the Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket’s mantra – “Ain’t no thing like me but me.” Which my friend Donnie, back at Wareham High School, would always say – “All you can do is all you can do.” You. And my Muses ever whispering to me – “Do it the best you can, kid.”

Weather reports? Continuing.