today’s watching me

02/01/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

Most mornings when I ask for help to be wide open to the offers from that day, I don’t say “all the offers.” I was thinking about it a while ago, and wondering if leaving the “all” word out is some kind of conditionality. Something like leaving the back door ajar. Like some escape route from the day. Coming all the way in and sitting most of the way down.

This morning I included the “all” word. To whatever/whomever I’m asking for help, asking for help to be wide open to and for all the offers from this first day of February, this Wednesday. And meaning it entirely. So, here I am – still here – getting to host the offers of this day, and not getting to choose the guest list. All are welcome. Every one.

Maybe it feels slightly braver. Maybe that’s a stretch. It does feel a greater honoring of the day – the one I got to wake up to again, drink coffee in again, scribble my Pages in again, sit still in again. Kind of a duh – the day is hosting me as its guest – “Welcome to another one, kid” – and I get to host all of its offers.

Perhaps this is simply chatter, alone in a room before six, and now just after. Dawn yet to arrive. But, I’ll tell ya, a bunch of today’s offers already have.