words can be playful

12/09/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

Lately, a word which has floated through my mind a bunch, here and there, now and again, is this: “Recalibrated.” I kind of love that word. If you know me you know I’m fairly clueless when it comes to things mechanical and technical, science stuff and for sure math. Maybe “recalibrated” takes you to those places. Understandable. But, Mr. Dylan sang, it ain’t me, Babe. Recalibrated has come to me as an opportunity to fall more in love with the world. To prance out into the day with eyes tuned for the eternal light, which, since it’s “eternal” – another swell word – means all I have to do is be ready to see it. With recalibrated eyes.

I cannot speak for anyone else, but for me sometimes my brain dredges up ancient stories and default responses, like, it’ll be the way it’s always been. So, that’s that way it must be. About anything, and especially about what may feel most personal, most intimate, most magical, even. Fortunately, my heart’s been doing this recalibrating thing. Asking different questions – How is this right now? Right here? How do new eyes – recalibrated – see, hear, and feel differently? And new answers come, and they’re good ones. Like, just try your best, kid.

I don’t know. This is Friday stuff and the day began so early, so gently and kindly, and the stuff of the world came out to greet me on a walk. I even went up to this cat named Diego who I’ve befriended at an outside table at Starbucks and asked if he might help an older guy with a little kid’s soul and – yup – recalibrated eyes – maybe begin the journey of learning Spanish. Something new. He said, “I will, my friend.” My ears heard “Amigo.”

I’m feeling just a bit recalibrated lately, in really good ways. Not improved, not re-booted, not all better, maybe not at all better. Just with the soft, fuzzy, shimmering, golden stuff I’m experiencing with and out of this playful word.