a busy day

10/19/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

I attended an on-line presentation last night, which left me breathless.

This is something I heard last night – “Live like a promise made before the eyes of the stars had opened.” That brought to mind my hometown, and I was going to write about us as kids, me and Donnie catching chubs and shiners from the Wareham River back behind the A & P, up and over the railroad tracks, this way-cool net thing Donnie had, wetting and smearing white bread, often Sunbeam, on the bottom of the screen and tossing it out with its rope a few feet into the river, coming back half an hour or an hour later – always with kid things to do in the meanwhile – to haul in the catch and ride our bikes down to Mill Pond, either side of Route 28 would be just swell, thanks.

But, that stuff’s forever in my heart – I’m guessing from before the eyes of the stars had opened – and you have a busy day.