a free lunch

08/28/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

I don’t really want to talk about this publicly, though I’m inclined to talk about it, so I’ll just dangle around the edges.

It turns out, before the Buddha would preach to 5000 followers, he would take his bowl and go into the town and beg for food. Noting this for you falls within an ongoing wondering of mine about giving and taking – taking and giving. And beginning to have something like second thoughts about what feel like life-long patterns. Patterns of my whole life. Except, maybe I’ve been mistaken, or if not, black and white statements more fittingly belonging as gray.

Abundance floats in and out of this conversation with myself, as do offers from the day and the world stepping forward to greet me. What happens when you (I) suit up and show up? Not what’s supposed to happen – what should happen, some instruction from the place of self-judging. Simply, what does happen. Just this. And if it feels like wild generosity, just bowing to it. Saying, “Thanks.”

If this isn’t at all clear, then I’ve been successful with today’s post. The report of my internal weather here today. Like, Yo! – couch surfing. Always showing up with my bowl.

Maybe that’s okay. Afterall.