a lot of room

09/18/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

I came upon the word “capacious” while reading earlier this morning. It was here, in this sentence – “Unless you achieve that capacious sort of mind, your practice cannot be said to be successful.” I looked up the definition: “Having a lot of space inside; roomy.”

I got to go to a play yesterday. People thought about me enough to score me a ticket. I was driven from door to door. “The Untitled Unauthorized Hunter S. Thompson Musical.” Rather than write about the play, it felt like a cool idea to write from how the experience of the play made me feel. “Capacious” showed up.

Wednesday I’m flying with Ann to spend nearly a week with her sister in Bend, Oregon – where I’ve never been – while her sister (Patty) scouts around for a possible place to move to, there, from Olympia, WA. I’ve never met Patty either, or Ann’s brother and sister-in-law coming over from the Oregon coast – Bob and Joyce.

If the creek don’t rise, cause ya never know, and I get to come back here to San Diego, I’ll poke around to see what condition my condition is in, and if I’m lucky, bring a capacious mind into the space where we each get to contribute to, and maybe save, the planet a little.