a new day

11/09/2021 1 By BuddyCushman

Covid results back negative, lucky me, and feeling better enough to drive up and hang with the San Marcos kids today (masked and hands repeatedly washed/sanitized), some fashion of suiting up and showing up. A soft recliner came into my life yesterday, it happened so fast nearly out of the big blue, and soon enough I’ll score a floor lamp and – finally – I can see myself sitting in a comfortable chair with a cup of sweet coffee and reading endlessly – it’s so the me of me, and that part of my life slammed shut the morning of April 15 – the day after – and only very slowly and very briefly have I begun opening books again. Here in Golden Hill.

I feel a change coming, a so-good one, and I’ve gone and bought a few books the last couple of weeks, shipped to my new San Diego life, books I was led to and inspired to grab. Right now on my new bookcase, on top of it, is a rather large pile of fat books, I bet in their aliveness when kids like me sleep, they laugh and giggle and call out, “Pick me”, “Pick me.” – And what feels like very substantial and very wonderful and being just amazingly blessed news is I’m about to do just that. I’ll spare you the list of what’s up there and simply say, like Grace Slick did at Woodstock, “It’s a new day.”

How fabulous I have that, and kind of interestingly there have been a bunch of very cool pictures of my former wife Susan showing up all over my computer lately. Who knows why, there’s some funky plan for me – I don’t know it, but I know it’s there. And I’ve sat here amidst those yesterday visuals and got to remember how I could make her laugh before the phone’s camera , producing such radiant, beautiful images. I’ve gone ahead and shared some too, because the world gets better when there’s love intentionally shared, and how is there ever a better me than that?

Coffee, the kids, books, and kindnesses? You tell me.