Addendum of Sorts

09/17/2018 1 By BuddyCushman


Verbatim ‘Morning Pages’


I have a distinct sense, which feels to be clearing with time, that the “Couch” Blog is in fact something special – special for me as an opportunity to move closer to focus and devotion and intention, loyalty even, than what I have usually wrung from myself in the past. I really felt it yesterday, the way the Doug story spilled out from me, which is a brief history of me in fact and plus so clearly a love letter with times in my life. Then there were the re-readings and changes, words and phrases, where I saw and felt the slipping between present and past tense, even including at least one suggestion for the future – “Google these three, your day will be brighter.” So that felt interesting and it felt uniquely literary, the bar raised from the ordinary. And I have come to understand for myself, the goal of the Blog, in addition to the often stated goal of creating a space for give and take that enriches all participants, the goal for me is to write, say, more loftily (probably not a word) to not only, as a poor example, talk about taking the barrels out Sunday night but to write as eloquently as possible that story. I get the most effective way to engage is through story, I have a quote somewhere written that what people want are stories, so to tell a story I guess as close to poetry as I can. To infuse the “Then this happened, then this happened” with a stickiness – that’s a good word. To encourage devotion to the actual experience of the reading. And maybe this is all a big “Duh” for most of the writers and poets and bloggers out there. But in a small way it feels like an awakening for me. So as to be equally thrilled with the comments that get the colored prose as well as the bouncing off the story – into their own thing – their story. And I feel I am moving, now intentionally, into this place and space with the Blog.

Which is so cool.