05/24/2023 5 By BuddyCushman

I had this sense yesterday – and again this morning – that it’s time to bring these weekday posts here at ‘couchsurfing at 70’ to a close. They’ve appeared, without fail, nearly two and a half years. I’m glad about that.

It doesn’t feel like there’s nothing left to say, from this space in this room. Not at all. It doesn’t really feel like anything. My Morning Pages are offering a daily treasure chest – I think I said/implied that yesterday – and a brand new offer has appeared about doing some writing for/with my son in Missouri. Like ongoing on-the-path-together stuff. We’ll see if it happens.

I think what’s going to happen here is, if I’m lucky to keep waking up to a new day, some of those days I’ll feel like saying something that feels worthy of my and a reader’s time that day, and I’ll come to this place of fun and vast opening, sadness and weird goofyness, and write whatever that is. And post it. That’s how it feels this morning.

So, until then.