Ain’t no use

08/04/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

This is one of those few days – both the computer and the beams of internet clinging to life – when I come to the Blog at Couch Surfing with nothing to say. Not one thing. Nothing serious, nothing heavy, nothing remorseful, witty, far out, earth-shaking, resentful, fabulously grateful, amazingly stupid, charming, bashful, low-self-esteemed, cool, remarkable, even run-of-the-mill.


In “Don’t Think Twice” Dylan sings “You just kind of wasted my precious time.” And I know your time is indeed precious and I for sure don’t want to go wasting any of it – today at least – so,

I’m about to head out on a walk I’ve discovered and taken as my own, it’s already feeling a smidge sacred – where I have to climb up three truly wicked uphills to get to the relatively flat top-of-the-cliff-side dirt/Torrey pine needle path which rambles on and from which you can see five different southern California mountain ranges on a clear day, to which today is more like a second cousin. Maybe the walk will provide me with blogging material wildly exciting and incredibly useful for your consideration, but, alas, this will already be here. And if I am truly lucky enough to wake up again tomorrow, just waking up such a blessing, then I’ll start all over again paying my best attention to check on what’s what on a Thursday.

The end.