all the changes

03/24/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

Here’s some of it. Noticeably ongoing germs, a schedule for CPR/FA, promises of good day sunshine, and me, tucked in the room most of this weekdays week. I shook hands with Joan Baez once on the Venice Beach walkway, it was 1977, or at least – memory cells a bit fuzzy this Friday – told her I’d written her in for President – twice. Brand new job orientation after the manikin morning, perhaps finding myself elsewhere on the spectrum, me all neuro-atypical and everything, and a dream of a rendezvous with this crazy great lass somewhere in the swamps of Jersey – which, actually, that’s a line from a Springsteen song, more like the sidewalks of City Heights. That’s me feeling pretty romantic this morning.

I got to wondering if there’s a touch of the Mad Hatter with such time-related plans, manic Friday, but I’m not feeling that. More like Alice dozing beside the tree, somewhere – truth be told – between wishing and hoping and take me to the river. Washing me down.

This Blog, going through changes.