all this is just this

08/09/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

I didn’t ask for the divorce, to be channeled into a river of grief, going under a real possibility at times. Nor did I ask for the Universe of kindness and generosity which literally pranced into my life. Held me up. Nourished me. Taught me. Vitally inspired me. Bought me a boogie board and has me walking the streets of San Diego, cousin with street urchins, braver in the ocean. Clear that this other sense of life – after the divorce – now sings sweetly, and I find myself tumbled all the way in.

So, if I write and post posts in the Blog like yesterday’s post, perhaps screwy to the normal mind, it’s all I’ve got. It’s me doing what I said I was going to do – promised to do – all the way back to January 22, 2021, when and where I was joyously and thrillingly married, living with my sweet wife and my youngest son, playing with dragonflies and bees in the luscious backyard. Yes, back then on that Friday I said I’d had something of a small epiphany and had made the decision to post the best description of my internal/emotional/spiritual “weather” for each day, Mondays through Fridays, going forward. Which I have done, haven’t missed any of all those months of weekdays, even pulled a before-and-after the divorce book out of it.

That’s what yesterday’s post was – entirely and exactly. My Monday weather, August 8, 2022. Just with real dragons instead of dragonflies. Just doing what I said. A few weeks back I mentioned to a couple of younger guys I was spending Monday nights with that I’d come to accept the WordPress-provided fact my Blog was barely being looked at anymore, and that was just fine with me. The Blog becoming something of a private journal entry, accidentally on purpose left on a coffee shop table. There to be peeked at, for anyone chancing to stop by.

So – Daddy Long Legs? You damn skippy.