all together now

06/24/2024 0 By BuddyCushman

It was hot in San Diego yesterday. Fortunately Ann and I had agreed on a Sunday morning date a few days earlier. Farmer’s market, hike around Cabrillo Point, coffee, the Silver Strand, and the IB Pier. Most of which close by the Pacific, or air conditioned.

The Silver Strand is a seven-mile isthmus between the southern point of Coronado Island and the northern edge of Imperial Beach. The Pacific right there to the west, white sand, Patty Page memories – “If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air.” – and San Diego’s Big Bay to the east. On through the streets of Imperial Beach, luck into a close-by parking space, and walk out onto the wooden-planked pier which extends nearly 1500 feet out in the direction of Malaysia, maybe Japan. Out near the end a look across the water to the south finds Tijuana, Mexico shimmering in that distance. The aforementioned Carillo Point out to the northwest. The city of San Diego right there up the coast.

For me (and Ann said so too), the IB Pier is a wonderful place – families fishing, lovers strolling, a cafe all the way out, a chance to watch surfer’s catching sweet, small waves down below. Mostly this sense, an awareness, that everybody belongs. Everybody counts. Here we are, all together.