an alchemist’s playground

08/04/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

Earlier, writing my Morning Pages, it came to me that I have been saying, both to others and to myself, how exhausted I have been, and am. Like 25 times a day. Physical exhaustion; mental exhaustion; psychic exhaustion – you name it and I’ve been claiming it. And following that recognition was the remembering that self-talk has a way of fulfilling itself. Improving on itself. Predicting itself. See, I’ve tried to help lots and lots of people by sharing that fact over many, many years, and sometimes all the looking out there makes it a slower process to take a look in here.

It’s okay. Better late than never has been a theme in this life of mine for most of it. The good news is late is still arriving, and nearly immediately upon arrival I said, “Aha”, and “got it”, and made the decision to change what I was saying to myself. And I’m not only a believer, but a knower, that putting the need for something like help out into the day nearly always results in some kind of that help showing up. And right away, earlier this morning, the word “alchemy” came skipping into my head. And right away I knew.

This isn’t exhaustion, kid. It’s just plain old alchemy.