and so on, and so on

09/06/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

I wildly overslept last night. I believe it was the result of wildly under-sleeping the night before. I was something like running on empty yesterday, and in fact, I’ve been feeling the running on empty thing since back to the beginning of July. Never catching up with “right” sleep.

Still, long ago I often heard lots of people say, “Nobody ever died from a lack of sleep.” Fact is, I’m proof – at least up to here this morning. Another fact is the second story in my book “Astoria Strange” – “Deprivation Invitation” – is entirely about a wicked long lack of sleep, and no one dying from it.

So, yeah, the day is rather discombobulated, from the get-go. Yet, getting to wake up again – the great gift – I get the chance to make choices. And rather than being all wigged out about behind schedule and how will I get it all done, I’ve decided to just pay attention and see what happens next. Now what? Now what? Now what?

By the way, my “wildly” oversleeping last night had me fall out of bed at 4:35 this morning. Different strokes for different folks.