Any Given Day

01/25/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

I was running a tad slow earlier this morning, before the light of day, before the call of chickens down the street, before even the mile-away peacocks. Sort of casual, I was, and digging it, all the ambiance and evidence of abundance and ways to find small joys, delight, within my own creations and expanding creativity. Which these days I think of as doing my part to save the planet.

We, my wife Susan and I, streamed the movie “Soul” last night, Sunday night at the movies at the Cushmans. “Soul” was quite wonderful, a message to follow our bliss, which maybe takes a while to figure out – our bliss – just what the unique drive to be more ‘this’ human is, be more involved…….more giving. On the path along the way to the big “Aha”. Ah – so this is it. Living and appreciating life, giving, and maybe whisked right back to “Now I lay me down to sleep.” Remember? To hopefully acknowledge any good done. Any at all. Dues for this life.

A blessing of life, the fact I am flat out amazed when I get another day, and as such, when on my morning knees asking for a grateful heart, I do not forget to say thanks. Thanks a lot. I’m still here.

I say this alone, quietly, in the earliness, the still-dark, I say please help me to have a grateful heart today, and thanks a lot that I’m still here. I ask for help to be myself as a storyteller as well, to be the me of me, writer, doodler. Your truly.

Perhaps this morning, now some hours ago and fading, I thought about last night’s movie, a Sunday at the Cushmans with a sweet dose of soul, and thought what my long-ago friend and mentor Dick M was forever saying to me – “You’re right where you’re supposed to be.”