around and back and around

04/09/2024 0 By BuddyCushman

I had an interesting conversation last night. It was with myself, and took place on the drive home from Ocean Beach to the street which divides Banker’s Hill and Hillcrest – the street where we live.

Some particular things had occurred a little earlier, which got me talking with me, a more spacious than these words express process that seems to happen when you sit in front of a mirror and commit to stay. Don’t run. Don’t flee. That’s how it is for me, anyway. Nowadays.

Very briefly, it, the conversation, went around and back – how I relate with people; how I don’t; what’s compassion, and what’s simply witnessing? Naming things. Is one or the other more called for? And what Frenchie used to say – “I don’t take myself too damn serious, but I take my sobriety very serious.” The not taking self too serious thing. In Alcoholics Anonymous, I hear, they call that Rule 62. Annie Hall simply said, “La-dee-da.”

I could get very chatty and wordy and yakety yakety with this, but I won’t. I’m thinking maybe the conversation falls out in pieces the rest of this week here in the Blog. Or something like that.

For me, now, it is a most significant question.