03/07/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

With life happening, and changes here this week – where I’m planted – I’ll likely be taking something of a vacation from Couch Surfing at 70. First weekdays without posting since all the way back to January 22, 2021, when I pronounced my intention to write something about my internal weather for that day – every day, Monday through Friday. Happily, I’ve never missed showing up here any of those days. Until this week, with life being life. Like my friend Butchie used to say back there in the crazy sixties – “What it was, what it is, what it shall be.”

Maybe it’s a surprise to me and I do post something each day this week. But, it’s possible I won’t, and I’ll be cool, somewhere else doing something else.

Like some cats say – “See ya when I see ya.”