being repaired

11/18/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Here, in the Encinitas library, plugged in, all-day car repair time-filling, I’d see the Pacific straight down out these big, big windows if the day was clear. Already I’ve been to Encinitas places and done Encinitas things which have tickled my memory cells, made me happy, I’ve talked at length high above Moonlight Beach with my main man Andy back there on Cape Cod.
We talked about blessings, and being treated kindly by the Universe. Yes, even amidst stuff.
Back in Encinitas, sweet memories, no food today but we’ve got a veggie burrito from Filiberto’s on the down-time list. Andy and I talked about life being good, yeah, even when it’s hard, gentle memories as sweeteners.
Here in Encinitas.