big, big ocean

10/29/2021 1 By BuddyCushman

I did stuff, some pretty cool, before driving to Ocean Beach today just before one this afternoon. I’ve done a few worthwhile things since driving back to Golden Hill late afternoon, and not 48 seconds ago received a call from a woman in North Park who is actually – after a week of one flakey soul after another falling down on a promise to sell me one or another piece of furniture – says she’ll be here where I now so gratefully call home in 20 minutes with a desk I’m going to buy. That means I’ll be able, hopefully, to get my desktop back together and functioning and be able to see and re-read all my patiently waiting stories and even – gosh – maybe actually work on them.

But, even a desk, even an actual piece of furniture, even things off the floor and the room a small step closer to what a room probably ought to and you’d expect to look like, and never mind become more useful as a conduit of creativity, even with that, everything is humbled by the big, big ocean. There’s nothing like it.

I went into the ocean today, the weather predicted for a week to be near 80 Thursday – it was – and very little wind – unusual – and conditions thus were ideal for a boogie-boarding soul like me. Even the water, here at the end of October, was, regards temperature, not too bad at all. So I went in with my green-on-blue board and I stayed in. But the ocean was wild. The ocean was filled with crazy energy. The wash-back from waves crashing near shore tried to suck me out to the sea over and over, and that freaked me out some, and had me stay real close. To, if I’m so graced, live another day. Means mostly I caught short rides, and some were of the wicked fun variety but most were just me showing up and getting in the water. Maybe I’ll write a book and call it that. “Get in the Water.”

How many myths and legends, tales, wild stories, even cartoons are there about the mystical ocean? A never-ending supply. Is our very blood ocean in disguise? Me – I was a speck in it today. A pushover. Tenderized and salted. Bobbing smack within the rhythm of the planet. The highlight of a wonderful warm, sunny, blessed day. Even, yup, now one with a new desk.