08/17/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Squished for time, off in a few minutes for a workday with the kids. Hoping to be a channel of joy.

I went to a movie last night, first time in two, maybe three years. The La Paloma on 101, sort of in the heart of kind of ‘downtown’ Encinitas. Old-time big theater, one screen. I paid 10 bucks to watch “Roadrunner”, a film about Anthony Bourdain. Many moving moments, a few of my lately tears here and there. I came out at dusk with a powerful sense of obligation to use every day I get going forward as creatively and generously and kindly as I can.

Last Friday I went to the Encinitas library hoping to find the “Guardians of the Galaxy” dvd, not there, asked where I could find Kerouac instead, and walked out with Pema Chodron’s “When Things Fall Apart”. It was exactly what I went there for – I just didn’t know it.

Yesterday I finished a walk on the numbered streets by the ocean and sat on a favorite overlook bench and pulled out my phone and just as I did it rang and I saw it identified “Garden State Mike”, my old pal Mike from Portland. He’d moved back to his roots a number of years ago, a loss for me, and continued (s) to surf and skateboard and yesterday began his first day as a charter school history teacher in Newark. We’d talked the week before and he said he had an hour commute each way and he was looking forward to it because he had plans to call people. And when that phone call ended with me in my lately tears, I guess he figured he’d make me his first commuting call. And he did. Lucky me.

And the clock has tick-tocked its way to now I get to head over to San Marcos and hopefully spread some joy, maybe sprinkling a little fairy dust on myself in the process.