blogging as an open invitation

01/30/2023 2 By BuddyCushman

I’d say daily blogging – Mondays through Fridays – has changed my life. It was a spontaneous thing, back January 22, 2021, to show up at this space every weekday going forward and try to write engagingly, and with some reward for the reader, how I was that day – what I called just over two years ago “My daily weather.” In fact, a book fell out of these daily posts, encouraged especially by an artist in Scotland, and that book was titled, simply enough, “Weather.”

What I have noticed, and especially the last eight or nine months, is that commiting to add something to this space weekdays has put me in the position of ‘host.’ And two January’s ago ‘the guests’ began arriving – and continue to arrive. There are mornings when my brain has been swept clean – wake up, suit up, and now what? – and somewhere within the shimmering space of early meditations, coffees and reading, writing my Morning Pages, and/or out on the everyday walk, images, ideas, sentences, channelings, some sort of tangible ‘thing’ has arrived. And I’ve been able to come here and set it down. It’s often goofy, there’s lots of what might be considered ‘esoteric’, on occasion a more meditative thought or two, and regularly writing pieces I think of as “What I did on my summer vacation.” Sometimes I receive comments, usually not. WordPress stats say nearly nobody’s reading, but – happily – I’ve come to trust my heart over any math.

Lately the Byrds song “Fifth Dimension” has been swirling in and about my head. There’s a line in it, “I opened my heart to the whole Universe and I found it was loving.” That’s something like how this Blog feels. The Universe knows where I’m going to be every weekday morning, and its inhabitants – my guests – always seem to arrive.

Honestly, it’s felt life-changing.