chambers of esoteric

01/26/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

 Oh, spacious meadow, under big, wide sky, see-through blue umbrella, there’s poetry everywhere I look and think. Slight chill in the room, streaming, passing dawn, and one less turned-on light, planful for the first half of the day, kid-time (me) and reading and being there then, all the way available for emotional treats and cheerings up. Which, why I’m here today I guess, and hopeful….(ly)

visualize myself right here typing and giggling and feeling, “Right, that’s it, you’re saying it, kid.” That’s a goal, and it’s not a grasping – it’s all about why I’m here and saving the planet and Rocket’s ain’t no thing like me but me, and all the good stuff accumulating within me as grist (fodder, wealth, sunshine) for sharing as only I can share it, and say it and paint it and, even, sing it – tra la la –

And it’s all about dreaming on, and the right-here thing, I can dig it, and create and send it off out into the Universal space. We’re all there all the time.

Time has come today.  January 26.