changed-up Thursday

09/14/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

One of the things about zazen, about sitting in meditation, is the everyday chance to see the way my mind works. Every day. To see where thoughts come from, out of the nothingness of a moment before. The way they sometimes play tag, hopping and skipping from here to here, now here, now here. Sometimes the way a thought gets going and bulldozes everything else off its path. Lots of hosting of all these floating along thoughts. Also as the guest – you will live here.

The Buddha talked about ‘The Four Noble Truths’, a cliff notes-like summary being: (1) Life is suffering; (2) This is the way of suffering; (3) There is an end to suffering; (4) This is the way to the end of suffering. Obviously, unless someone is one who is, “Afraid of this happiness”, bopping from #2 to #4 seems like a pretty good idea.

So this morning, when I’ve already decided to eat my way cool breakfast of yoga and peanut butter at the small table in the kitchen rather than here, in front of the computer, losing more brain cells, it’s a possible trail between the two previous paragraphs I’m curious about.