changes coming to couch surfing

06/28/2024 0 By BuddyCushman

I want to begin today by letting you know I’ve made a decision to begin charging for couchsurfingat70. The plan is to set a “membership” system in place, starting Monday, July 15. Beginning that day, posts here will be visible only to people who have signed on as ‘members’. It will cost you $5 a month to do that. Subscribing will be clear, and easy.

There’s a primary reason for this now. I’ve given notice at my job, effective July 31. Yesterday I actually took a bit back, and will continue to work one day (of the four now) ongoing. Really sore 75-year-old back; sore knees; endless bending in the library. My birth certificate says, “Enough.”

Aches and pains are some of it. I bow daily to the fact I am still here. I bow to time passing. Today there are big things I want to do, to give my best effort to while the giving’s good. Dive all-in to this life in a more profound way. And I’m thrilled with the prospect of more time in which to do just that.

Unfortunately, losing 3/4 of my work income means not enough money to pay the rent without dipping into savings. That’s just how it is. And why I’ve made the decision to begin asking for what hopefully feels like a fair amount of money to continue supporting the writing I’ve been posting here six years now.

I realize many of my long-time subscribers may say, “Thanks for the memories,” and head off to look at something else. All I can and will do is say thank you so much for every moment of attention you have offered back to me. For those who stay, and think like Ferris – “See what a finsky can do for a guy’s attitude.” – I promise to give everything, the all of me, in three or four of five posts each week. There will be more here, and more media as well. More time for creating my best writing. Stories which engage and entertain.

Every one of you looking at this has my deepest gratitude.