Checking Out

01/12/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

2020 – “I Think I Prefer They Die”

I have hurried to the mirror.

For a consultation.

How much beast, I wonder at the glass,

Do I allow its freedom?

And will drugs help again?

Not so much influence, politic, go joining,

Swizzle weary threats –

Under the influence I cannot

Remember where I hid the damn key.

Be a good beast, I recall,

It’s here somewhere.

See, a consultation, covered fully.

Oh, Glorious social security.

Appeared now, just a moment –

Lust long languished –

And permission to leave the glass.

To make more coffee.

Act Blue is calling.

With all potions deleted.

See, who wants to prefer death? Regardless of it all. Not Rosy. So I think about this – this me – in the morning recliner, enjoying coffees, arm ache with vaccine, and just exactly what matters most, what’s important – really important?? – and which cat looks back through that “own your own” looking glass.

Yeah – today I gave it a good, long thought, evoking a decision. Which is why I’m checking out. From your so-called “Normal”.

From now on.

Oct 8 – Just after 11 a.m. Gloria Ganders spit up her coffee, the colorful beginning of a laughing fit which went on more than 30 seconds but less than 45. Nobody laughs that much these days.