Chinese checkers

04/28/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

A question intriguing me these days, Koan-like, is how to find a brand new mind when all I have to look for it is this old mind I already have. Which, the childhood game of Chinese checkers, actual visuals of playing and the different colors we took turns with, that image flowing into my mind while driving and wondering about the question of where’s a new one. I wonder if it’s a treasure map? With dragons, like the one in Shrek, giggling and batting her eyes, all around the edges of the map. There be dragons. Or looking into a television screen at the actual insides of my colon. Or a game of serious frisbee in Marblehead, Mass with my college pals, us most likely wacked on the wacky weed, but with young legs with which to chase, and strong, young biceps and triceps with which to fling the disk almost forever – young colons even.

Here’s a Koan from earlier this morning:

Milky asked the great eucalyptus tree, “Who the hell thought up a colon?” Breezes swayed branches.

And will my old mind be able to tell if a new mind slips in to take its place, all secret like? Because how will it know?

Good thing I retired and have time for this. Waking up, and everything.