Coming Attractions

09/06/2018 9 By BuddyCushman

Hello there my Blog subscriber. Just a quick non-post post, a few odds and ends I’d like to note.


First, I have just come to understand that my replies to comments you have graciously taken the time to leave are not automatically being seen by you. You don’t know I’ve replied, or someone else has replied for that matter. Which is a massive drag since it’s the give and take that drives this endeavor. If someone knows what I ought to do technically, seriously, Dumbo’s ears aren’t as large as mine. But in lieu of fixing that trouble, I would encourage you – if you have ever left a comment or a number of comments – to go back as soon as you have time and read any replies you have received. I have given much thought to my grateful responses and I would like to think you have had the opportunity to see that, and feel the love. Please — go back and read your comment and my reply again. And by the way, I am not sure when you leave a comment you have the opportunity to check a box indicating you want to receive replies. I have had to do that to know when anyone has commented on a post. So, there may be that.


I plan a feature to appear periodically on the Blog called “There’s Interesting People”. These pieces, I hope, will move out beyond a typical profile and dig just a bit deeper – out there in the emotional and spiritual ether. I’d like to think the first of these individual stories will find its way to this space sooner than later, though a couple of potential prospects are as yet unavailable. Maybe you have an idea, someone I could contact, chat it up with, and tailor into a most interesting look at how someone else is living. Let me know — remember, Dumbo ears.


I hope you will stop in at the “Recommendations” page up there on the main menu. Books, speeches, movies, statements that have spoken to me in a profound way. It’s personal of course, tomato versus tomahto, but I’d like to think there’s something there for anyone. And as I said in another post, let me know if there is something you’ve come across in your life that has held your attention, moved you, as Henry David said, “confidently in the direction of your dreams.” I’ll add it and credit it. For my part I have added another recommendation today – John Tarrant’s “Light Inside the Dark”. My favorite book.


Finally, a goal I’ve set, an observation about why it won’t be easy, and a request that you pitch in if the spirit moves you.

A couple of weeks ago I created a goal in my life, the way I’ve learned to do – specifically including with an end date. The goal is to gather 1000 subscribers – just like you – for this Blog, and the due date is Sept 1, 2019. Presently the number of subscribers stands at 58 – not bad at all and there’s sure a long way to go.  I cannot say how grateful I am for the people, including you, who subscribed, and I am devoted to write clearly, to tell stories that offer a little interest and even a bit of magic (with heavy on not taking myself too seriously – Rule 62). I have also asked, individually, many more people who have not come on board, friends, sober acquaintances, coffee shop pals and wannabes, and received back the big chill. It’s got me to wondering why that is, I mean I get asked to “Like” somebody’s page, their event, kick in to a kick-starter campaign, shout out support or something, I just do it. Why not?

So, I have come up with a theory, and I am hoping you will offer some feedback if you think I have found the golden ticket, evaluated and analyzed  with a mind that would make Einstein proud, or, I suppose, am completely off the mark – aka full of it. I have three reasons – what I call the Three fears – why people, specifically, not subscribe to this Blog. Here they are. 1) Fear of reading. Yeah, that stat about half the USA population never reading another book after high school. Electric distractions. Whatever. 2) Fear of commitment. Tell me, please, if you disagree, but I think this is a big one, far far reaching out beyond this Blog. Making a commitment, even one as innocuous as this. And 3) Fear of Yes.  Yup, I believe that is the ticket – Fear of Yes.

Please leave a thought, and please remember to come back and check replies to your worthy thoughts. And in terms of the mentioned opportunity for you to pitch in and breeze me along on my way to 1000, I hope you will consider telling one friend about this Blog, especially if it has given you any joy, a few moments of happiness, the chance to stroll down your own memory lane, and ask them to subscribe as well. The more folks, the more interactivity, the better for us all.

Thanks. It’s Wednesday.