09/15/2022 2 By BuddyCushman

I rarely get comments on posts found here in this Blog. I don’t mind. The Blog doesn’t mind.

This not getting comments covers pretty much all the writerly territory. Straight every-day, this is what I did today pieces. What my pal Gavin helped me understand as ‘esoteric’, those pieces which show up now and again. Perhaps a smidge “out there.” And, more and more, pieces from beyond the world of esoteric, stories and thoughts, questions and suggestions, falling out from somewhere back in 13th century China and Japan. Yeah. Fact is, even though what mail I receive is delivered here on B Street in San Diego, I can be found more often – more and more – on the other side of the Pacific. Hanging out with cats and kitties with such cool names as Joshu, Mumon, Dogen, Huening, Quan Yin, and Mujaku. A fact is, they’re talking with me – and for me – a lot more than any of you are.

Which is fine, and kind of perfect, if the “stories”, my “weather”, in this Blog, Mondays through Fridays, don’t speak to you. It seems they do to all those kids listed above. Translation not required.

So, when the WordPress space, which I bought and paid for and can do anything I want in – says nearly no one’s looking, and nearly never is there a comment, there’s just that. Even talking about it is goofy.

A front door at a small house I was passing on my walk this morning opened just as I passed, and a gray and white cat came out and sat on the porch – looked at me passing, then didn’t bother looking anymore. Even when I used my “kitty” voice. That’s a comment I can appreciate.