03/13/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

I’ve been showing up most days for a YouTube video created by a woman named Adriene, who leads a class in chair yoga. Yoga in a chair is not the only yoga I’m showing up for these days. But it’s the primary place of that physical encouragement.

Adriene closes her class asking watchers and joiners and attendees to bring their hands together and bow. She thanks everyone for joining with her, and she says “Namaste.” Now, there are a whole bunch of definitions for that word. My favorite is this: “The divine in me bows to the divine in you.”

I had the thought yesterday, sitting in Ann’s big chair, that writing a post with compassion as the subject, here in the Blog each day this week, was a pretty good idea. Nifty. Swell. Yummy. Adriene bowing to us all, “Namaste”, that feels something of a move of compassion. To me. For me. Just think. What if everyone went around bowing and whispering “Namaste” to every other person they came across. Stuff might be a bit more gentle. Here in the day. Here in the world.

And by the way – “chair yoga” has an “old people’s” ring to it. It’s okay with me. I have compassion for myself, old and creaky and still forever jonesing after joy and kindness, twirling and swirling and open to spotting each being’s eternal radiance. Oh, hanging around as long as I can too. Someone asks me to slow dance every once in a while, and how amazingly cool is that!