containing multitudes

04/19/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

It’s 9:07 and I’m at my small desk eating cottage cheese out of a large container – think vat – which is weird because I never eat before going on a morning walk, or sitting three times, or (lately) doing yoga and exercise stuff on the floor. Yet here I am, hungry for no good reason except I last ate at 12:30 yesterday afternoon. Still – what about those cats who went 40 days on hunger strikes in Northern Ireland, and here’s me, jonesing after just 21 hours.

If there’s a point there, I have no clue. Apparently the Red Sox copped a dramatic extra-inning victory last night, while the Padres got smoked. The earth spins, and I have nourishing Zen stuff on tap for the day, which will find me Zooming up to Oakland a couple of times for widely different appearances.

I just got to be present for my Sweetie celebrating a rather miraculous milestone in her life. Lucky her. Lucky me. The Camry drove me home, Sly and the Family Stone for background material, and there’s only so much cottage cheese a young boy can inhale, so here comes a quick change into raggier clothing and a walk, and get down on the floor, and I also got a call a while ago from Mark in Florida, and while it seems late in the day to me, perhaps for most folks it wouldn’t be, and I find when I get up at 3am one very cool thing after another falls out.

Which may be something like a decent excuse for this cottage cheese. Plus there’s this – my primary reading material for today is a book titled “Shinji Shobogenzo”, translated by a cat named Gudo Nishijima.