cool beans

04/27/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

Sending out love and kindness to the world, sweet kisses over the breeze, and the perpetual flower parade, even the vacant lots are playgrounds of deserving Kings and Queens. And my next huge best-seller just getting underway (next month) – “I Was a Teenage Zombie on Strike”, inspired by the baristas of Starbucks and other coffee palaces – like pay the kids what they’re worth, why dontcha.

Actually one of my favorite bands, West, Bruce and Laing, had a song and I’m thinking maybe it was even the album title, called “Why Dontcha”. Some cool songs. Along with cool baristas and cool flowered lots, cool queens and kings, cool future podcasts down by Telegraph Ave, cool pelicans doing their tranced thing way over at Ocean Beach. Even as we used to say back in the day – cool beans.

And me with the appointment. Honestly, I’d rather be in a coffee shop.