cruisin’ music

07/21/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

Early Friday, nearly five days living in my new home. With Ann. It’s a co-habitation thing – for which I am wildly grateful. The physicality of the move not quite yet passed – but winding down. And this room, where I drink coffee and read Zen stuff and come here to the Blog, and to check baseball and the jetsam of ‘you’re moving’ emails. There’s lots of kids in this room with me too, they are small and colorful and so cool. And all the paintings I managed to squeeze into the Camry on the long drive from Portland, OR to southern California some 27 months ago. Not yet offered a particular space on any of the walls. Waiting. Most patient. Another lesson for me.

There’s suffering and there’s choosing to suffer and there’s choosing not to suffer, and all that stuff’s been part of the deal the last couple of weeks. And there’s never not grace and generosity, and glorious invitations from each day I’m lucky to wake to. Since it’s San Diego I get to say, “Life in the big city.”

And here, early Friday, I’m on a treasure hunt for an old Rasberries song, which came to me in my Morning Pages.