Daily Weather

01/22/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Posts here at ‘Couch Surfing at 70′ have been few and far between the last number of months, a psychic break from the one-after-another 2020 ’30:30’ timed-writing blurbs which morphed into the bulk of “The Files of Milky Dent”, that book ultimately taking most of my writing energy within the process of editing and revising. Excuses and facts, the truth, and, yeah, not a lot happening here on the Blog.

Which is about to change.

Later last night, up in the blue recliner, a thought came to me – this (‘Couch Surfing’) is my space, paid for and owned, and there is an opportunity to better use it. The arriving idea being to come up with what I’ll call a “daily weather report”, weather in this case being thoughts, feelings, considerations, ‘aha’ bursts, cool and fun ideas, wacky weirdness, an endless parade of mental imagery which – me being a writer – I then come running down here to the keyboard and spill out into this waiting Blog space – like, rave on, Brah.

Specifically, my plan going forward is showing up here every day, Mondays through Fridays, and letting spill out of the old noggin’, heart, and soul whatever’s going on with and for me that day, what I’m thinking about, what I’m feeling, ideas and issues crowding in amidst the me of me. And being a writer and being a blogger and believing a primary purpose, a calling, for me on the planet is to write stuff and share it with the hope that the planet is better off for it. Of course with the clarity that what the reader – You – does with it is his/her/your business, which includes shining it on and going about with something you like better. Like my old high school friend Donnie always said, all I can do is all I can do.

So – here goes. I have in mind something like a journal entry, even a post-it note to myself to think about later, somedays as long as 1500 words, others a single sentence. I won’t know until I get there. And I’m not there, a future there, today. I’m here, this Friday, January 22, 2021, three days after my unique clock rang up 72 years visiting the planet. I’ll have (and post) what I’m thinking about today in a while, maybe an hour, maybe five or six. If I’m lucky enough to still be here next Monday, remembering what Charles on Boston’s WBCN radio said daily back in the 60’s/70’s – If the creek don’t rise and there ain’t no meltdown – I’ll Blog what strikes me as worth recording Monday. It might be anything.

Daily weather reports. The me of me. Starting today.