did I dream this while fishing on Mill Pond when I was thirteen?

07/27/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

In exactly a couple of hours I’ll head out, catch a moment of the 163 before turning east into the 8 for the fast and southern California drive out to the city of El Cajon. Exit the fast lane and meander my way into the parking lot of the small center which is home to ‘Plato’s Closet’, a thrift shop with like a gazillion articles of women’s used clothing. I work there in support of a young woman paid by the agency to work and train and someday hopefully be in a place where she’s offered a regular job. Right there. Which is my regular job.

Kurt Vonnegut, I’m pretty sure it’s in his book “Cat’s Cradle”, wrote this: “Strange travel suggestions may be dancing lessons from God.” When I step out of the Camry in El Cajon I get some feel for that. Then again, here I am living and loving and most often rejoicing in San Diego, and I never saw that one coming.

Kind of like – what isn’t travel?